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New Life

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So,.. I saw your comments and they really made my day. Thank you for the support guys and I'm sorry I'm not living up to your expectations by updating this story with more than two episodes daily. I hope I'm forgiven

Thank you! 


It's been up to a month and few days since I walked away or should I say pushed away from home. I still work at the coffee shop but I've also gotten another work at the new diner that was just opened few weeks ago . It's just three blocks away from the coffee shop, making it easier for me to go through shifts. Taking two jobs it's not really easy, almost everything has not been easy since I was disowned by my parent. I never picked my sister's or my mom's call, what's there to talk about after what had happened.

I went back three days after that incident to beg my father for a last chance but he declined and even force my mother to make a promise that she would never call or try to see me again, cause of she does, she'll have to bear the consequences and the punishment.

 I decided to forget all about my past and move on to the future. I'm now an orphan in this wicked world, with no parents, no siblings but not without friends that were more than family. Aditi became my family after I was rejected, she visited me every now and then

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. Telling me to have faith in myself and never give up, always reminding me of how a prince charming will come one day and sweep me off my feet. She's getting married tomorrow though and I'm gonna miss her really bad.

Ethan!, Ethan has been a helping hand, he had been supporting me through thick and thin. He had always been there when I needed someone to talk to, a major shoulder to lean on. I've learned to smile with him, he's no smile person himself. He never talked about his past or how he went to prison, I never bother to ask him though. He'll talk about it when he's ready. We decided to always go grocery shopping once in every month and today is that time of the month, and as usual he's late again probably hold up by traffic in form of a human,Bella.  Bella is a bitch, yeah, I can say that again. After she learnt that Ethan got me an apartment, she attacked me right in the face with her long nails like that of a Dracula witch. I can't get that scene off my head, I still get shivers anytime I see her, it's just like she'll attack me all over again. I don't have a choice than to get used to her for Ethan. She's his girlfriend after all. I have to accept that fact.

I check the time and It's almost two already, I don't think Ethan will get here any faster. “Sorry, I'm late. Something held me up” he walked into my apartment like he owns it. That proud peacock.

“Human traffic?” I stood up and picked my bag

“Are you probably jealous” he raised an eyebrow as he asked.

“Yeah, I'm jealous. You know I have a crush on you” I sounded sarcastically

“The least person to have a crush on me is Indira Rathore” he screamed out loud

“Why are you screaming?” I used one hand to cover his mouth.

“So the whole world can know you hate my guts” I smile

“If I hate you, I won't allow you to enter my house, come on, let's go” I lead the way out of the house.”But seriously, I don't hate you but I hate the guy named Ethan Abel” i turned to look at his face and he gave me the puppy face and he look really cute. “My mama love me even if you hate me” he poured his mouth and tried to make an angry face. “So mama's wrapper, should we take the bus or the cab”

“I brought my car, it's down the road over there. Let's go” we started walking towards the car.

He was about to start driving when his phone rang, he hesitated a little bit before picking up his call. “No calls while driving” I mouthed to him as he was about to start the ignition, he stopped the car and parked by the roadside. I didn't want to listen in on his conversation as he even looked uncomfortable with me there, so I brought out my earphone, stick it in my ear and plugged in my phone to play a music.

He nudged me a little with his shoulder when he was done with the phone call.

“Kya aap muise miloge, Indira” he asked what I was doing in Hindi and I was surprised. “Did you just speak Hindi, Ethan?” He only shrugged his shoulder. “I asked you a question madam? He started the car and we started out on the journey to the market. “I didn't want to listen in on your conversation and it seems you're were not comfortable” I told him.

“You don't have to next time, I'm fine with you listening to my calls, but don't you dare go through my phone. I'm a bitch when anyone does that” I laughed really hard at the word “bitch”. “You're so dumb Ethan, it's only a girl who bitchess, not a guy.” He only looked at me with disbelief.

Before I was able to stuck the earpiece into my ears, the little I could get from his conversation was the fact that he was looking for someone, since he said it's fine if I listen to his calls, I decided to ask him. “Can I ask you a question Ethan” I asked without looking at him. “If I say no, will you still ask” he replied. I shook my head positively. “I knew it!,ask me then”

I turned to face him. “Who are you looking for?’’ he looked at me and turned his attention back to the road without replying to my question. Silence lingered in the air and he didn't reply for almost seven to eight minutes. “My mother, I'm looking for my mother” he looked in my eyes as if he was searching and waiting for more questions. Truthfully I wanted to ask him why, but for now I'll let it slide and ask him later. He stopped the car at the parking lot near  to the market and he gestured me to get down.

We got into the market and first stopped at the vegetable and fruit stall, we got enough for his apartment and mine. We later went to the meat stall. We bought different foodstuffs and I told him to let us go home as I was getting tired.

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. He declined and dragged me to a cloth store promising he'll pay for it. “I should buy what I want, you don't mind the amount” I asked while he only shrugged. There were different cloth stores there, they were only demacated by clothes to separate one shop from the other. I was at the third store when I saw a very beautiful pink saree, I decided to go for it and let it be the only thing I'll buy. Ethan paid for it and we were about to go when the next shop owner opened the demarcating cloth and asked if the other store that we were had any red saree.

I stood transfixed in my spot with what I saw and before I knew it, tears were rolling down’ my face and I felt an hand on my arm spinning me right back into his hard chest

I held on to Ethan as if he was my life and wept bitterly.

My parents and Anushka were at the other store smiling and shopping for her wedding clothes oblivious of my existence. “Please take me away from here, Ethan. I don't want to be in this place. Anywhere from here is fine” he took my hand and walked with me away from the market and away from that painful sight. 


A girl needs data to update her stories and God knows I lack just that. But I won't stop updating once I have the chance. I hope you guys will understand and bear with me. Thank you.
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