Summer Flower - Episode 10

First Date

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“CONGRATULATIONS MY BABY, YOU'RE OFFICIALLY BECOMING A MRS!” I screamed immediately I got into the my friend's room and saw all the makeups on her face, the henna on her hands and legs, they looked so beautiful and she is extraordinarily beautiful.

“Mera Dost, I thought you were not coming. I would have strangled you to death the next time I come to Jaipur” she squealed right into my arms . I'm so happy for her, she deserves this much and she deserves more. She's not only beautiful but also caring and God fearing. I love her charisma and her personality, I also live for her sarcastic nature and her stubbornness.

You'll never win an argument with her not even when she tell you, Paul Walker was Vin diesel. After she watched fast and furious1,all actors became Paul Walker. She's my other half and I'm gonna miss her.

“I'll miss you, my angel” She had been calling me her angel ever since our first day at kindergarten when she forgot her lunch box at home and I shared mine with her. “I'll miss you more, I can't imagine life in Jaipur without you. You're the only person I have left” I tried forcing the tears back.

“You also have Ethan, always know that he'll get you through anything” I gave her a weird look. “Do you want me to go over there…” I pointed to where the groom was sitting

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. “And tell him you have a crush on another guy” she returned the weird look. “You won't dare”.

The priest arrived and they started the ceremony, after the seven rounds, she went on to receive her parent and her in laws blessings. She look so beautiful in that red saree, I barely recognize her as my Aditi.”she's so pretty, right?” I looked over to my side to see the person who said that. His face looks familiar but I can't recognize the person. “Yes, she's pretty. Do I know you from somewhere?” curiosity killed the cat.

“Yeah, you do”


“Have I grown that much that people barely recognize me anymore?” he whined like a four year old child

“Don't mind him Indira, that's Raj, Aditi’s elder brother. You remember him, right?’’ Aunt Aliya, Aditi’s aunt replied from behind me.

“Who won't remember you, you didn't leave a good impression before running away, did you? I grumbled.

Raj had always been a troublesome kid from the start, I knew him the day I quickly sneaked out of the house to play with Aditi. I was 6 years and that was 15 years ago. He had added green dye to Aditi’s shampoo that day and we did a comeback by rubbing hot pepper on his boxers. He had almost died that day and he sworn to make our life a living hell. He did as he promised, we could barely go a day without one of his pranks and the most happiest day of our lives was when their father told us he would go to Delhi to stay with one of his uncles. But he didn't go just like that, he made us fall into his trap by putting a banana peel on the doorstep and I was unfortunately the only one who fell for it and I felt that pain for weeks. I couldn't tell my parent how it happened cos they were not aware of me visiting Aditi’s.

“You don't have to live on old memories, indira, old things have passed away” he smiled at me like a lost puppy.

“You wish” I walked towards Aditi to hug her. “Our greatest nightmare is back” I told her.

“If he tries any rubbish, report him to Ethan”

“What's with you and this Ethan talk”

“That guy likes you, and he's ready to protect you and take care of you. Just give him a chance”

“He is not my boyfriend, he's not my type and he's…” I trailed off

“You'll be fine. I love you and I'll miss you” she hugged me for the last time and enters into the car with her husband to Jaipur. I waved till the car was no more in sight. I went back into the room to pick my bag and say my goodbye to her parents.

I was almost the door when I saw Raj come in through the door, he stopped in front of me with his hands fold on his chest. “I want to take you out for dinner” he said confidently. “Why”

“To catch up on old times”

“There's nothing to catch up on except for karma running after you”

He smiled

“What about an apology for old times”

“Old things are passed away” I said using his own tone and shoved him away from the door. I made my way to the road and I saw that he was following me.

“Just give me a chance to apologize”

“Leave me alone” I said trying to wave down a cab.

“I just want to know you more, Indira.

Read " Imperfection " by the same author ( Penangel )

. You're my sister's best friend. Please”

‘’No, You're becoming a nuisance’’

“Please, let me apologize for old times sake” I saw that a cab was coming and it seemed empty so i decided to take my chance.

“Really” he nodded. I took him by his shoulder and turned him around.

“Behind you is karma trying to catch up to you. My dear old friend, apologize to it unless your life is over” I waved down the cab and entered without a second glance at Raj.

The next morning, I could hear my phone ringing, so without opening my eyes I searched for it on my bed and picked it up.

“Hello, who's this?”

“You don't have my number, the whole Raj Raghav”


“Yeah babe, one and only”

“How did you get my number, who gave it to you?” I stood up from the bed

“Calm down, woman. I called to let you know I'm still on that date issue”

“How many times do I have to say *no*”

“Till you say yes”

“You'll keep asking till I say yes”

“Not only asking, also stalking will be added” that sound scary and creepy, I don't want to imagine someone following my every step.

“Ok, fine. Give me the time and the date then”

“Yes, I won” idiot

“Hurry, I don't have all day”

“Today, 8pm at the restaurant on the 7th block”

“Ok, then. Don't be late. Cos I'll leave and won't agree to another one again”

“Yes, ice queen” he dropped the call. I can't stop smiling because this is actually my first date and the first time someone will ask me out on a date.


To everyone who has been supporting this story from day one, you guys are the real MVPs. Thank you so much and don't forget to share as much as you want. Thank you all
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