Summer Flower

Ethan is an ex-convict and Indira is a shy, traditional Indian girl. Destiny plays a game with the two of them as they meet up and click. What do you think happens when destiny throw a ball to a toddler and it rolls up to the edge of a pit. Will they fall into it? Or will they come out victorious of all odds?. Read to find out. 

Her eyes, her hair, her smile, her lips, her lips! . I looked down to those tantalizing lips as they pulled me closer to them. I didn't realise how 
 I walked close to her until her back hit the wall. 

"Ethan!, what are you doing?" I couldn't get the words out of my mouth until my lips were just an inch away from hers. I smirked, "teasing you" The weird look on her face changed into fright as if she had seen a ghost. I turned my head to where her eyes were fixed

"What in God's name is going on here?" That voice, it sounds familiar. 


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    • Summer Flower - Introduction

    • Summer Flower.  Copyright/ November 2017 All Rights Reserved.                          ...
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    • Summer Flower - Episode 1

    • I'm never ever going back home, enough of this phone calls!" We could hear our next door neighbour screaming at the top of his voice, apart from the fact that he just move...
      • Views (2,459)
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    • Summer Flower - Episode 2

    • ETHAN'S POV I watched as her and her father left us in the elevator, she was walking so close to her father as if something will eat her up if she doesn'...
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    • Summer Flower - Episode 3

    • INDIRA'S POV “A coffee and a slice of banana cake for table four” Aditi shouted from the far end of the shop, the shop's booths were arranged in...
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    • Summer Flower - Episode 4

    • Beautiful people, this is a bonus chapter from me to you guys. Thank you so much for the love and support, I didn't expect this much and I'm really grateful. I've got e...
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    • Summer Flower - Episode 5

    • For this chapter, let me borrow a quote from *Love life of Asante*. I quote”Life indeed they say it's an individual race. Not based on who started it.  ...
      • Views (1,872)
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    • Summer Flower - Episode 6

    • Thank you all for throwing me into an emotional roller coaster today with the comments and reads. It's totally amazing and I really appreciate it. Thank you all so much. ...
      • Views (1,736)
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    • Summer Flower - Episode 7

    • New chapter people, enjoy. Thank you so much for the chapter.    INDIRA’S POV Father!, he told us he'll come back tomorrow ,what i...
      • Views (1,796)
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    • Summer Flower - Episode 8

    • So,.. I saw your comments and they really made my day. Thank you for the support guys and I'm sorry I'm not living up to your expectations by updating this story with more ...
      • Views (1,899)
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    • Summer Flower - Episode 9

    • This Episode is dedicated to my beautiful Vicky Anaberry, my new found fan and friend. Thank you so much for the messages and support from day one. You're a good person. ...
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    • Summer Flower - Episode 10

    • INDIRA'S POV “CONGRATULATIONS MY BABY, YOU'RE OFFICIALLY BECOMING A MRS!” I screamed immediately I got into the my friend's room and saw all the m...
      • Views (1,999)
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    • Summer Flower - Episode 11

    • INDIRA’S POV It's been a week since Aditi got married and I've missed her terribly during this periods, even more when I get to the coffee shop. T...
      • Views (2,129)
      • Comments (10)
    • Summer Flower - Episode 12

    • ETHAN’S POV I stopped my car right at the front of Indira’s house, I looked up to her room window and saw that the light was off. It's been two weeks sinc...
      • Views (1,920)
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    • Summer Flower - Episode 13

    • ETHAN'S POV “What are you doing here?” She look at her children before looking back at me. “Olivia, take your sister inside” the girls hesitat...
      • Views (1,944)
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    • Summer Flower - Episode 14

    • INDIRA’S POV (this is the last pov from Indira) “You look pale, Indira. Are you sure everything is fine?” I heard Ethan said from behind the b...
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      • Comments (17)
    • Summer Flower - Episode 15

    • ETHAN’S POV I've been trying Indira’s line all morning and I couldn't get to her, I would've called her friend's but I didn't know her pho...
      • Views (2,147)
      • Comments (14)
    • Summer Flower - Episode 16

    • ETHAN'S POV “You make me smile in ways nobody else can, I miss you each moment, love you all the while and want to be with you every single second. From this da...
      • Views (2,131)
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