Summer Flower

  • Romance Story
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Ethan is an ex-convict and Indira is a shy, traditional Indian girl. Destiny plays a game with the two of them as they meet up and click. What do you think happens when destiny throw a ball to a toddler and it rolls up to the edge of a pit. Will they fall into it? Or will they come out victorious of all odds?. Read to find out. 

Her eyes, her hair, her smile, her lips, her lips!. I looked down to those tantalizing lips as they pulled me closer to them. I didn't realise how 
 I walked close to her until her back hit the wall. 

"Ethan!, what are you doing?" I couldn't get the words out of my mouth until my lips were just an inch away from hers. I smirked, "teasing you" The weird look on her face changed into fright as if she had seen a ghost. I turned my head to where her eyes were fixed

"What in God's name is going on here?" That voice, it sounds familiar. 


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