Nature taught me

Mother nature, your beauty is dipped in pure wisdom. Wisdom that drips like honey from it's comb, sweet wisdom. Oh if only we could learn, oh if only we could see, if only we could just listen. 

I walked grumpily past the deep green grasses, fresh from the rains of yet another night, they covered the beautiful lawn i passed while walking to school each day. It was not so beautiful now, the grasses made it look dirty, unkempt.
Oh I can't forget the plant that caught my attention, a flower of rare beauty, it's name I don't remember, but it's beauty I will die remembering . In a corner of the lawn mostly populated by green grasses it stood.

Standing tall and beautiful amongst the grasses that grew around it. Its purple and white leaves with dots of pink stood unique, different from the plain dull green grasses.

Purple they say is for royalty, this pretty little flower define royalty than any king ever would, but deep in me I wondered why did it grow there of all places, why did it not stand with the royal flowers of the field, why grow with grasses, stubborn unwanted grasses.

I walked a couple of steps ahead lost in my head thinking my thoughts, thoughts of royalty lost in the fields of the unwanted. The sound of the engine starting called me back to reality, it was the start of the lawn mower. The Gardner had come, and to do his job he had come for.

The worker did his job more diligently than a man been paid a million dollars, and right before my eyes I saw the grasses fall with each passing second. He moved closer to the flower of my thought, I shouted at him to wait but my voice was no competition for the engine's loud roaring, ear deafening sound.

Right before my eyes my beautiful flower was cut down, it had fallen besides the grasses it stood by. I turned away sad, how could such beauty be wasted trampled upon like some undesirable grass of the field. My day was persecuted with the sights of the fallen beauty, why it kept playing in my mind I do not know.

I walked back home after the long day, I passed by the lawn again and this time it looked different, it had gotten its beauty back, the grasses were gone, the flowers trimmed, and by the side was a heap of the unwanted set aside for the flames and there it was, the beautiful purple royalty, withered, lifeless with no iota of beauty and then it suddenly hit me maybe mother nature was trying to talk to me, advice me, teach me.

Think about it, if the beautiful flower had not grown with the wrong plants it would still be alive, beautifully admired by passersby. What if that flower is me??  What if that flower is you??

Think about it, you are more gracious than any flower of the field possibly could ever be but like that flower, I and you will never reach the potential we were designed to surpass if we roll with the wrong crowd, and painfully when their adversity comes on them you, I, will share with them.

Mother nature is telling you, telling us, "My child choose wisely the people to grow with, you never know, the lawn mower might just be behind you". 

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