I Was Created Like This - Episode 64

His Fulani Bride

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Hayfah was laughing hysterically; throwing her head back and her eyes were fixed on Adyan's grimaced face. They arrived yesterday at night, and they had to spend atleast a month in Mom's house before their house would be well enough for them to reside.

Hayfah had her clothes that were brought by Maami and the ones she took from Zaria sprawled on the bed and everywhere but her body. She looked at Adyan and smiled widely, "C'mon Adyan, just because Ammi said you should help me arrange my clothes that's why you're making this face?" She couldn't hold in her amusement . He was a totally spoilt brat.

He sat down beside her and frightfully looked at the clothes at every angle of his room. "Hayfah you won't just understand, I don't know the one I hate most between packing and unpacking. They both sucks me up!" He whined for all Hayfah could remember.

"Who does it for you, back at school? Where you worked and everywhere that Ammi isn't around?" She asked and placed her hands on his shoulder-the smile not leaving her face.

"You don't want to know. Let's get started, this might take us the whole day if care is not taken." And he stood up, he had half his clothes taken to Kassim's room, and she would put hers in his closet, since he didn't agree on her staying in one of the extra rooms in the house.

Hayfah held his hand and guided him back to the bed. She sobered up and looked him, "No, you just have to be talking as I do my work, okay?" Her eyes were directly into his, giving him the bossy and motherly look.

"Yes, Mom

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. What do you want us to talk about?" He rejoiced, staring as she started taking the clothes to the closet.

"Nothing, something sweet and..." she let the words trailed off so he could complete the sentence, for she was out of idea-she just want to be hearing his voice over and over again.

"Like our babies's names?" He chirped in, leaning onto the pillow on his bed-looking at her with an ardour expression.

"Adyan!" She shrieked and turned back, glaring at him. "No naughty talks. Just plain, sweet and romantic gist! I'm all ears." She turned back to hide her creeping blush from him-which creeped out because of the tender look and smile she saw on Adyan's face.

"Okay. Lips or Dimples? Work or Honeymoon? Outing or Indoor chilling? Choose the one we're talking about then," he suggested, passing a heap of ironed ankaras to her, as she moved back to the closet yet again.

"No Lips and Dimples. And work ofcourse. And yes, Indoor chilling! When do you think we should have one? When Ammi and everyone isn't around huh?" Her voice had a thrilled tone laced on it, so was her amused dilated eyes. She so much loves indoor chillings, only and her him; and they would enjoy their lives to the fullest.

"I'll just act like I didn't heard that 'work' word. And yes, we have to wait for a day when they all aren't around. We can bake, dance, work, watch movies, play games..."and the list goes on, he was talking with fingers brought up and he kept listing what he thought would be awesome for their indoor chilling.

Hayfah was back to take some clothes and just stood there looking at him with a thrilled expression. How he had his fingers counting the moments, the nonstop words that were coming out if his mouth, the way his eyes flicks with happiness and so much more than sent chills down her spine.

"Why are you looking at me this way?" He brought her out of her reverie, a reverie were she was savouring in the handsomeness of her husband. No stolen glances, the whole him was her Halal.

"Won't you feel offended if I say this? You're beautiful, Adyan. Handsome is just a small word, I think beautiful and magnificent would suit or it would be just a coruscation." She sigh dreamly and walked towards him. He was looking at her with a baffled expression, she took him unaware with her words, he've never expected that soon.

She sat beside him and took his hands before she landed a soft kiss on his palms. "You're handsome, Adyan. More than words could ever tell. And I love you to the square of infinity. You complete, brought out the person I've never imagined I had in me. Thank you so much for being my zawj, Adyan. I love you." She leaned forward and merged their lips together, slowly and passionately. Adyan was esoteric, he himself couldn't point out what he was feeling in his heart. Only one thing he was sure of, he loves her with all his being.

She broke their kiss with reluctance and started scavenging for nothing in her trolley, unable to look up to his face. He shimmered to the edge of the bed, where she was with head ducked into the trolley and tapped her shoulder.

She looked up at him with aplomb, trying so hard in making her expression as devoid as she could.

"Let them out," he uttered with a smirk and jesting smile on his lips, but still-his heart was beating erratically.

"What?" She asked, sobering up to sound as confident as she could.

"The blushings, shy smiles and heart melting flutterings," he answered and engulfed her into a hug. "I love you more, Hayfah. I don't have to tell you how beautiful you are, unless you want a lips or dimples session again." He hushed through her ears. She chuckled softly and melted in his chest. Where she belongs.

"I need to show you something, let me say; We need to see something together." She broke their silence and pull herself out of the hug with a smile lingering on her lips, staring down at her trolley, Abba's jallabiya and Rukayya's hijab and slippers staring back at her. And, the papers.

"Let's see it then." He sat down properly and waited until she displayed the things between them, and they all sat on the bed with legs crossed-facing each other.

He looked at her with questioning eyes and back to the things. "This is Abba's jallabiya, I had a feeling that I wouldn't live long in that house from the day he died, and I took it from his box. And these, are Mama's only belongings I could have, and these papers were written to me by Abba, the full description of Mama and the love letters he would like me to reveal to her even if in my dream." Her voice was now glum, her eyes fixed at the things, with tears on the brink of her eyes.

Adyan felt for her left hand and held it in his, squeezing it lightly to let her know he's there for her. Albeit he doesn't have the idea of whom Mama might be, but he knew she was someone very important in Hayfah's life.

"Mama is my mother. She died 3 years after I was born, she got into a car accident after Abba sent her out of our house in the night-as Umma claimed, she saw a man coming out of her room...." and she told him everything about her Mama. When she finished, she was embraced into Adyan's chest but was still crying and hiccuping, she finally had the chance to cry over her mother's grief and death. She've never hate anything as much as she hates Umma and Amna.

Adyan was clueless of the words to tell her, he doesn't know how the pain of loosing boths parents is, but he could imagine living without his Sorella; life would never be the same.

"Adyan?" She called out, looking at him with her bloodshot eyes and fuffy nose and red face.

"Yes, Hayfah?" His voice was strained and emotionless, he couldn't imagine how she was feeling in her heart, he could feel her pain.

"Would you please read the description letters to me? I want to know her with your voice." And she sat upright and handed him the letters, he looked at her in reluctance and she nodded her head assuringly, sitting opposite him.

She wants to feel every emotion as he read out the description of her Mama. The feelings, the warmth, and everything. She wants to feel them alone, without having to combine them with someone's warmth.

"Are you sure of this?" He asked, his voice breaking.

"Yes please, I want to know her through your voice." She nodded vehemently and closed her eyes, so she could mould the creature of her Mama in her mind.

"Hayfah, I know whenever you'll read this, I'm long buried in earth. You've surely know the story of Rukayya, how she lived in the house of the man she loved, and how terrible I had been to her.

I know before I died, I've told you that even a photograph wouldn't tell you the features of Rukayya as I could. Her name is Rukayya Muntari. She was 5'6 long and beautiful. She has a long hair that dangles to her waist, black, shiny with strands that couldn't be hidden in a book. The texture of her hair was so soft and slippery, and her forehead had the soft curly hairs that allured her face.

Her face was oval shaped, with the remains of her hair beautifying each side of her ears. She has full and perfectly arched brows that were almost touching, and down to her long thin nose that stood perfectly on her face. Her eyes were round and big, with something milky and mirthy entailing her cornea. She has doe like orbs that rolls perfectly when she fluttered her eyes.

Down to her lips, they were curved perfectly magnificent. Medium sized lips that were naturally pink and lusciously dangerous. She has a meduim neck and well curved body. Her fingers were long and well sculptured, and white long nails that looks beautiful when henna-ed. So was her feets. She fiddles with them whenever she's nervous.

Rukayya is fair in complexion. She has a heart of gold. She speaks fulani more than hausa, and with just a single hausa word-one could tell she was a fulani lady. Her words roll off her tongue with so much tender and softness, she speaks with a serene voice and humbleness. She always smile and look away whenever she's shy, and laughs till she throws her head backwards whenever she's happy. And if she's sad, before she cries; she would keep sobering up until she couldn't no more. She's the strongest lady I've ever seen. If you hurt her, she'll smile and act as if you complimented her. She's so much more of a chivalrous and benevolent woman. But she could be a lioness when fed up.

She walks with an aura of charisma that sends chills down the spines of people. With a smile that was always plastered on her luscious lips. She loves reading and writing, and would always ask me whenever she couldn't understand. She sometines ask me to write a letter to her sister, or just her random thoughts. She was a bibliophile and a writing freak.

She wears no make up, only soft touches of kohl and coloured lipstick that weren't catchy. And she loves cooking and baking, so much. Whenever she's talking about the one's she loves, her eyes flickers with happiness and amusement. She talks when she finds solace in you, she talks when she loves you unconditionally to be hiding that part of her from you. She talks, Hayfah. But only if she trust you. For alot of people sees her as an introvert, even her sister. But only me knows the type of extrovert that she is.

I'll write more to you, I have to leave now. I love you so much, Hayfah. Tell Rukayya that I love her more than I've ever loved myself."

She sensed his silence and opened her tearing eyes, looking at me directly in the eyes-she understand the glint that was in his eyes, and that's same with hers. "I'm her replica." She slurred and fell into his hands, trying to sober up her tears so she could be like Rukayya.

"Yes, Hayfah. Only the dimples." And he tightened her into his arms, heaving a breath out of pain. It was more than hard for him reading out that letter to her.

"Yes. I've never told you right? I got my dimples from Abba, and my slightly tanned complexion, then what?" She wasn't crying anymore, just a strained voice and bloodshot eyes-staring back at the love of her life.

"She doesn't cry always, but my Hayfah is a crying baby-don't know where you got that thou." They laughed at the same time, looking at each other.

"You're the lachrymose here mister, so I got it from my soulmate. Anything else?" She smacked his shoulder playfully and sat upright, looking at him with love glinted eyes.

"No, I don't think so. You're her replica."

"You know what, Adyan? It just felt like I've seen her. I've moulded her in me, does that even make sense? And like she is, I'm a bibliophile, a writing freak. I love writing my thoughts, I have almost two fully written journals! And...I love cooking also, the always smiling part too, isn't it?"

"Yes it is, the charisma and dangerously luscious lips. The outspoken beauty also.."

"Yes! And acting as if she wasn't hurt. But I talk like a hausa lady, don't I?" They laughed at the same time, and she threw her head back in laughter.

"Another one!" They exclaimed at the same time, bursting into a series of laughter again.

"The shy smiles, blushings and flutterings too. And the hair! Oh my god! Abba was soooo damn right Babe!" He yelped as she punched him hard on his chest.

"That serves you right, I think I should cut half of it!" She almost laughed at how he bulged his eyes in shock.

"You wouldn't dare, Tesoro. That isn't yours anymore, I have it under my custody. And I just feel like seeing it dangling on your waist..." before she could flinch, he removed the veil wrapping her hair together with the ribbon holding it in place, and she shrieked! Flashing him a deadly glare.

"Oh my god! What is this?! I suffered before I had it in that ribbon, Adyan!" She screamed, throwing him her clothes and pillows randomly.

And a pillow fight ourbreak. Only screams, shrieks and laughters could be heard echoing through the confines of the room and the whole house.

"What happened to you too! You're making the whole house into a choas!" Mom barged inside the room with a shout, so they could hear her.

"Ammi, he was the one that untangled my hair, and I had packed it with so much suffering!" Hayfah was the first one to talk before she realised how loud and carefree she sounded and took her veil from the ground and wrap it over her dangling hair.

"Sorella, just listen to me...," he couldn't continue at the amused look Mom was flashing Hayfah.

"So she talks? Hayfah ya Rabb!" She jabbered and walked towards a fidgeting Hayfah.

"You're nervous!" He whispered.

"I'm not, and just keep shut!" She retorted in a hushed voice.

"But you're fidgeting your fingers, that makes you nervous.

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. Mama!" He hushed back.

"Adyan, I'm soo going to kill you right now. Just wait till Ammi leave and see, you'll taste pepper!"

"A dangerously alluring wife is turning into a serial killer, poor Adyan!"

"You called me a serial killer? Ammi must heard this, Adyan!" And she looked up with a determined expression and found an empty room, only them engrossed into their hushing argument, looking at each other.

"She has left! What am I going to tell her? It's time for dinner right?" Hayfah freaked, looking at him with her puppy eyes.

"Yes, and we should leave now. You just have to tell her that you were so much in love with her son that you haven't realized she was in the room anymore." He stood up and thrusted his hand to her so they could leave.

"You're so unserious. I'm not as shyless as you. How about these clothes?" She slid her hand into his and they looked at the higgledy-piggledy clothes over the bed and floor.

"Binta will take care of the room. Let's go before she thinks we are doing something more than just an argument." He slowly drag her to where their slippers were. They slipped into them and she looked up at him, he was taller than her-she had to look up.

"What do you mean by that?" She asked, closing the door behind them, and thay walked through the corridor of the rooms.

"Aren't you a bride? Then what do I mean?"

"Don't answer my question with a question!"

"Okay. Case closed. I'm making my fulani bride a fully normal bride. You grab?"

"What did I said?" She asked with a fiesty expression-the shy smiles and blush suppressed.

"No naughty talks."

"Keep your mouth shut then."

"My Fulani Bride. I love you." He leaned in and pecked her cheeks, and just then, they arrived at the dinning table-having a pair of four eyes staring at them with utmost happiness and amusement.

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