I Was Created Like This - Episode 51

A Smile Between Tears

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Rukayya bore her pale eyes deeply into his, and what she saw wasn't her husband. It was surely exchanged with her. Before any of them could utter a word, they heard Neema's bellow, as she kept looking at Talhah with disgusting eyes.

"This lady here you called a barren was pregnant, and your stupid act made her lost the child!"

Firstly, he gasped in shock, before he sobered up; and what he uttered shocked them entirely, not only them_but together with Shafa that was behind a door eavesdropping. "Her midscarying her child would never be my problem, she's at lost_not me . I have a beautiful wife that will bore me kids until I'm tired." A wide triumphant smile had to grace Shafa's full lips. She was on the seventh heaven.

"What do you mean? Talhah, I can't resist you humiliating my sister like this. She has family remember? So better respect yourself. Rukayya, let's get going." Neema fumed and stood up, holding Rukayya's hand. But Rukayya slowly shrugged it off; with tears cascading down her cheeks.

"Neema am, I'm still married to him. Let me stay here for a while, and see if there would be any chance," she whimpered, looking at Talhah, wishing he could be back to his old Talhah. 

"What time are you talking about? What if something happens to you, Ruru? I told you, Ali had been transfered to Ghana, we have to leave this weekend. Do you want something terrible to happen to you without a shoulder to lean on? Don't do this to yourself, Ruru am." Neema knew Rukayya was the patience type, but she've never known that she could still endure this kind of pain amd humiliation

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. It's just too much.

Rukayya glanced over Talhah that was now sipping his fura peacefully, as if a choas wasn't happening before him and because of him. She wiped away her tears that weren't ready to stop and looked at a fuming Neema. "Please, Neema-I promise you all will be well. Don't get yourself stressed out please. I'll be okay."

"You aren't okay, and will never be okay, Rukayya!" And at this point, Rukayya knew Neema has been to the highest point of her tolerance. She've never called her Rukayya.

Before Rukayya could reply, Malam Ali stood up and hold Neema's hands before taking her out of earshot. He hushed some words to her before they came back to the mat, she agreed on leaving Rukayya behind, but was still mad at her.

They bought her groceries, and everything they think she might need. Arranged her things in Shafa's room before they bid her adieu. Rukayya was crying when she was seeing them off, she hugged Neema for over the hundreth time and whimpered. "I've never get the chance to tell you how much I love you and how lucky I am to have you in my life. You're really a blessing to me-Neema. May Allah have mercy on our dead parents. I love you, Neema. Don't ever forget me please."

Neema cleared her tears and softly smacked her shoulder-all in attempt to placate them. She pulled out of the hug and cupped Rukayya's face. "And I love you more than anything in this world, Rukayya. Ameen to all your prayer. Forgetting you will be like forgetting myself. Don't even say that again." It was hard for her leaving Rukayya in so much tears. 

Rukayya went back to her room and cried to her satisfaction, it was already Asr time-she prayed and was saying her Adzkars when Shafa barged inside her room, sneering at her.

She sat on the edge of the bed, and looked at her-before a scoff escaped her lips. "So...here is the Ruru of the forever handsome Talhah. Where's the pride of having a husband now? When you've become a garbage in your matrimonial home? I told you, Rukayya-no one ever mess with me and go scotfree. You'll surely taste hell in this house, until you leave it with your own feets."

"Are you done please? Leave my room then." Rukayya knew being silent on Shafa would only make matters worst to her. She decided on never retaliating with hurtful words, but she'll surely show her she isn't interested in her childish acts.

"Your room I see, it isn't your room-for it's hanging. Mind you, Rukayya_if I want I can have all the room," Shafa threatened, glaring at Rukayya as if her eyeballs would come out of the eyes socket.

Before Rukayya could retaliate, Talhah barged inside the room, and the next sound she heard was that of Shafa's crying. "Talhah, help me ask Rukayya what I've done to her. I came here to ask for her wellbeing, but she started insulting me, saying I will never give birth to a child if she's still breathing. I don't know what I've done to her," she was shedding tears as if it was her purelest truth.

He rushed over her and hugged her into his arms, which made her leaned more into his broad chest. He was patting her back and glaring at Rukayya that was baffledly looking a crying Shafa.

"Rukayya, I want you to know that; you're still living in this house because of her sake. If not for her;  you would've been out already. And about children, I knew you were a witch that had been eating up even your unborn children. I dare you to do something to Shafa and my children; you'll regret ever knowing me."

"I'm sorry, but that wasn't what happened wallahi. Shafa, you're such a coward, why would you lie to him? So that he could hate me more and love you? You're hopeless. Let me tell you one thing, the truth will always previal no matter how long it will take," Rukayya spoke in a cold and tired voice, before she made her way out the room and went to a corner in the courtyard_she sat and vacantly looked at space.


Life in Talhah's house was a tremor to Rukayya. She was always sick, crying and being abused. She had became as thin as a pencil. She was being starved, raped by Talhah-whenever Shafa isn't around-beaten by him and Shafa, and technically; she was now the maid of the house.

She clean all their rooms, cook food that wouldn't be given to her, wash their clothes-and also, she was the garbage for insults. She wasn't in a dilemma until Shafa got pregnant. They wake her up at midnight to prepare something for her, all this; she've never shown them her vulnerable side. She've shown them that she isn't hurt and could do more than what they need at a time_and that's what hurt Shafa more.

Shafa would predict Talhah's time for coming home and come to the courtyard, remove her scarf and lay flat on the floor-with her protruding belly staring at the sky. She would start crying until her eyes hurt, and by the time she was tired-Talhah would barge inside the house_and she would tell him it was Rukayya that beat her up-aiming to get the pregnancy miscarried.

On days like that, Talhah would beat Rukayya mercilessly with a pestle and lock up her room for almost a week. He will rain insults at her, Shafa will add hers; and they will fling her out of their ways before heading to the hospital. She would cry and call Neema's name numerous times before a painful sleep would overcome her consciousness. With a paining body, she must do the house chores, wash their clothes and fill all the empty places in the house. Cook dinner before they come back, and sit at the corner of the courtyard_nursing her bruised body.

She got tired of their maltreatments and decided to leave on a Friday night. She successfully got out of the house, but a car crashed her down on the road; and that called for the most painful part of her stay in Talhah's house. He beat her up mercilessly for making him use his money to pay for her fractured bones before taking her to a traditionalist.

With a broken leg, she was the one that would do the chores and all the works of the house without a single thing omitted. If she gets tired of her room, she would come out to the courtyard for some air; and intentionally-Shafa would say she pulled up her broken leg so she could fall and loose her baby. And, Shafa and Talhah would beat her up and break the bone that began healing before calling the traditionalist to back it up.

She was used to an unvoiced pain. All her life revolves around grief, agony and melancholy. All she knew is pain. She couldn't see anything but pain. She was fortunately back on her feet; but still limp before she could walk. Shafa gave birth to a Boy; and they named him Tahir. Automatically, she bacame his maid.

He was always with her. She would bathe him, feed him, wash his clothes and still; that won't stop Shafa whenever Talhah comes back to tell him that Rukayya had beaten Tahir up because he mistakenly break her thing. He will rant insults on her, sometimes with a striking slip and fling her out of his way-taking Tahir along with him.

When Tahir was 4 years old. He knew what to tell Talhah so he could either beat or slap her together with insults. He himself insult her to his fill, and Shafa would only say he's right, that she is their enemy.

Later on, Shafa gave birth to a girl, and they named her Amna. Since when she was an infant; Amna cries whenever Rukayya touched her, and that's why Shafa said her daughter knew she was a witch. Hardship over hardship. Pain over pain. Everything screams melancholy.

She was the maid of the house. Cook. Househelp. Launder. And a piece of garbage for their insults. Amna was into her third year, when Rukayya started seeing some changes in her. Her body became chubby, skin wobble, and her complexion was reviving from it's tanned colour. She was always looking alluring.

On an evening, Talhah and his family were out on family outing, she sneaked out of the house-for he made it clear for her not to ever step out of the house-and went to the hospital, where they told her she was eight weeks pregnant.

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. She came back to the house in tears. She loves the child, but was afraid of giving birth to him/her in this home that has nothing but pain. She doesn't want her child to live the life she lived. It has nothing but pain. 

She was always afraid of Shafa to notice her slightly bumped belly_wearing two wrappers and long shirts. She was always sick, but that didn't stopped her from doing all her chores_to avoid anything that could divert their attention on her. Not that even if she's sick, they'll let her be.

She was pregnant, but would almost everyday go to sleep on an empty stomach. Everyday before she sleep, she would place her hands on her stomach-telling her unborn child the history of her life. At some point, she would wipe away her tears that weren't stopping and smile, and at some point_she'll fondle her stomach and burst into more tears. 

She was in her room, there wasn't light and she doesn't have a torchlight. She pulled up her shirt up to her chest and was fanning and fondling her stomach whe gisting it-when Shafa barged inside the room_the light illuminating from her stomach falling directly onto her now potruded belly.

Shafa screamed and let her torchlight fell on the ground. "What am I seeing, Rukayya? An illegitimate child in my house? Just because you want to give birth so Talhah could notice you? Adultery, Rukayya?" She shouted at the pitched of her voice, palming her mouth with both hands.


I need motivation on this book please, it's really getting out of my head. Your commets please

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  • Bernice Gold picture
    Bernice Gold
    Awwn sorry dear some of us are actually a silent reader, but I must commend your effort.. Thanks for not relenting.. Greater heights I pray
  • Clara Brandon picture
    Clara Brandon
    Nix wrk luv
  • chydwish picture
    More inspiration to you insha allah.....kudos
  • Olaleye Adedamola picture
    Olaleye Adedamola
    Am bleeding inside my heart. D pain she passing through is too much Shafa is wicked and heartless she transfer hate for rukayya to her daughter again.Welldone Ayhatou... More inspiration
  • Ruqayah Fatai picture
    Ruqayah Fatai
    Subhanallah! Does someone like Ruqayyah exist? My arms are crossed ooo
  • Tochi Enyinnayah picture
    Tochi Enyinnayah
    Ayshatou I love this story ooo. Ride on jare
  • Lily picture
    Well done.. Keep it up
  • Happy Godfirst picture
    Happy Godfirst
    Chai the pains & agony she passed through was the pain hayfah was passing through now God forbid what a heritage ride on dear God will give you more inspiration
  • Loveth Dennis picture
    Loveth Dennis
    Hmm humans cud Jus believe they re God he wicked she is to hate a mother and child
  • Damola Odediji picture
    Damola Odediji
    You are really trying on this story, more grease to your elbow
  • Ngozi Awagu picture
    Ngozi Awagu
    No way, Hayfa needs to stand against this ill treatment and avenge the wrong meted to her mum. Keep on keeping on dear, we will soon come to the end of the story
  • nesha eds picture
    nesha eds
    Next episodes pls before i die here biko ??????
  • Chekwube picture
    Sobbing..... Bt y....thumps up dear
  • Mandy-princess picture
    The evil that men do
  • Ukbaby picture
    Great... So much pain
  • Ayomide Huntress picture
    Ayomide Huntress
    Stupid Talhah and inhuman shafatou may God vindicate Hayfah
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