I Was Created Like This - Episode 11

Far Away

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Hayfah was on phone with Malik, she was laughing fascinatingly as how he sounded flabbergasted when she told him about their encounter with the annoying guys.

"Betty, I'm really impressive, that's how I always wanted you to be, keep up the good habit," he marvelled, smiling widely as to what he wanted to do.

"Betty, stop flattering me, I'll try and stand for myself everywhere, Insha Allah. Cause it feels so good," she giggled, grinning, ignoring how her heart has been drastically beating; a feeling of loosing someone.

"Betty, guess what? Before you start saying 'you know I'm not good at guessing', I'm in front of Ribadu hostel in ABU," he revealed, chuckling at how she gasped.

"Bettyyyy, you sure? Oh my god!" She beamed, as she hurriedly took her hijab and ambled out, grinning widely . She missed him so much, how her heart has been gnawing at her about loosing someone; she thought it was him she missed, and the thought of seeing him today jabbered her heart.

She went out and found his car parked, with enthusiastic steps; she reached the car and hopped in, palming her mouth as to how surprised she was. "Betty it's really you? God! How many months? Almost two months, two weeks to be precise," she elaborated smiling at how handsome he looked.

He kept looking at her without an eye blink, his heart probing him, ebbing something he couldn't fathom, it was an equivocal feeling

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. Just the mere sight of her face, jumbled his trained heart. For he had trained it so well not to misbehave in front of Hayfah.

"Betty you always wear Hijab, what's the secret behind? Don't you see other girls wearing atleast a veil. But I like it like this woo, don't go and be wearing veil, those idiots looking at you," he finally found his voice, but not taking his eyes off her.

She fumbled on her seat, his gaze making her skittish, it made her heart almost skipped a beat, his eyes were like a scorching sun to her soft skin.

"You finally talk huh? I thought you weren't going to talk, since you didn't miss me," came her feinged annoyed husky voice, as she stammered.

"Replying a question with a question? Betty? Answer me nah. You look beautiful, so it got my wordas guttural," he enunciated, smiling at the damsel in front of him.

"Ohhh about hijab__I feel more comfortable with it, plus those idiots wouldn't be ogling at someone as if they have seen a mermaid. They could even point at you sef, I don't like it at all, plus it keeps me decent and pure, making me a rare gem," she encapsulated proudly, she's proud to be a muslim girl, proud that she has been a gem in the world; her being a decent muslim girl.

"My Betty is a religious lady, of which is very rare to find in this 21st century. Thank you for protecting your chastity, Betty,"  he consented, a glint of happiness in his eyes. 'She's the perfect one' his inner subconscious spoke. 

Hayfah just nodded her head and smiled, she was getting uneasy with his looks, and was curious about that 'Thank you', why was he to thank her, it was for her own good, and obeying her creator's words too.

"Betty, when will you finish your exams? Zaria feels empty without you there," came his jovial self, he sense she was getting nervous with his looks, that made him fought his yearning heart.

"Ohhh, we finished yesterday." She replied, eager to go home. They waited to launder their clothes and pack their things before going. They intended to leave today, but Fareeha left for her Aunt's house and haven't come back.

"Wow, it's so good I'm leaving tomorrow, we can leave by 10am then," he dictated, looking at his wristwatch.

"Betty, I'm leaving with Fareeha,  don't worry, we would be safe," she conjectured, smiling at home.

"Ehen__that reminds me, I want to see this fake besty, for I'm the genuine one. I'll take you out for a dinner by 8pm, be ready please, with our dear besty. Your other words weren't worth replying," he spoke with full sarcasm and playfully glared at her.

"It's okay, Betty. But don't let Fareeha hear this, she would strangle you for sure," Hayfah laughed and snaked out of the car. She bid him adieu and left for hostel, only to see Fareeha sprawled on her bed.

"You idiot! Betty said we're going out for a dinner by 8pm, so time to find comfortable clothes, and stop lazying around," she smacked Fareeha's bare thigh hardly, laughing at her. She didn't know she was back.

"Hayfah! What is this? You're so cruel! And the clothes take-out lays on you. I'm not doing anything," Fareeha declared, snorting a laugh; at Hayfah's grimaced expression.

Hayfah hissed and headed for where the boxes were kept, how Fareeha couldn't sew or buy a new cloth without Hayfah always melts her heart. And now __almost half of their clothes were same, only the colour difference.


They were sitted on opposite chairs, Fareeha sitted beside Hayfah. Hayfah have been obliviously stirring her drink with the straw, she was deep in thought, that she couldn't notice the puzzled glances Malik has been sending Fareeha's way, for her expression, as which she shrugged off emanating she didn't know.

"Betty!, Besty!," Malik and Fareeha shouted at the same time, which made them laugh.

Their shout jolted her out of her trance, almost causing her a headache, she glared at them both and looked away. Her feelings were now unequivocal, she fathomed why her heart has been having some gnawing feelings.

"Betty, what happened? You can share everything with us? Huh façade?" He directed his question towards Fareeha with a smirk on his lips.

She smiled at him before answering "Yeah Besty, it will only worry you more for keeping it to yourselve," Fareeha muttered, flashing her a worrisome look.

Hayfah heaved a sigh before she spoke "I missed him. It has always been like that. I wonder why I couldn't take him off my mind, albeit he dumped me and never look back. I just have this feeling that he is far away from me, from the dreams I'm having, I knew it wasn't just a dream.

I first thought I was missing you, Betty, that was why my heart has been drastically beating. But seeing you today, and it was still beating that way, made me fathom, he was the one I missed more. I one my heart yearns for, and gnawed a far away feeling in it.

It's not love, I take my feeling as obsession--infatuation like something, I too couldn't comprehend. He's just everywhere, and this Far away feeling scared the hell out of me. What if he dies? How would I cope..," she couldn't finish her sentence, for the tears that choked her throat, she jist despise the feeling, it wasn't good. The feeling only was hurting her fragile heart.

Malik and Fareeha heaved a sigh. Fareeha was curious about who the guys was, she thought they were in a relationship with this betty of a guy, but hearing those words erupting ftom Hayfah's mouth proved her thoughts wrong.

Malik was having an equivocal feeling, was it jealousy? Or empathy towards Hayfah? He knew she was hurting inside, but isn't he enough for her? Why would she be hurting herself? She deserve to be happy.

"Hayfah, like I'm bamboozled, who's this guy please? I thought this your betty betty was somethi..," she was cut off by silently ululating Hayfah.

"That guy on our Geography examination day," Hayfah informed, she knew where Fareeha's words were leading, and she doesn't want them to implant something in betty's heart.

Fareeha made an O shape with a mouth, and was about to talk when he spoke "There has always been a feeling like that, a feeling of loosing someone dear to your heart, but that was to brace you up for more prayers, asking Allah's rahma and mercy towards that person and yourself.

So it's nothing but a good feeling, for it will bound your relationship with Allah. And__ if you ever say that it wasn't love again huh? I'll strangle you with my bare hands. Let me take you back, you need to rest for the trip that awaits us," he spoke with a feeling smile plastered on his lips, but a dissipating heart that beats laboriously beneath it's ribcage.

Without hesitation, they stood up, he payed for the bills and they hopped in the car. Their sojourn back to the hostel was a hushed one, only the sighs of Hayfah could be heard. Fareeha has so many question to ask, she was eager to see her in their room.


Adyan was sitted on a reading chair, his face was deviod of emotion, he was thinking about her. Why would she be envading his heart's privacy? Why always in his mind? He has got tired of her thinkings.

His house was located very close to UV university of Amsterdam, where he was studying business.

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. His phone's ringtone jolted him out of his trance, he picked the call with a fleeting smile on his lips; for it was his sorella.

"Sorella mia, I've missed you so much, god! It wasn't good eating those restaurant foods," he whined, he has surely missed her cookings.

"I missed you more Amore. Your brother was here yesterday, and when will you come back? Wasn't the course a 4 months course? Since it wasn't a degree program," she inquired, hoping he would say soon.

"Mom, I don't want to come back, she has always been in my dreams, in my head. Me being far away from home would be better," he whimpered, feeling a lump formed in his throat.

"Adyan, what do you mean? What does that supposed to mean? Aren't you there for a purpose? You have to come back, please," she reprimanded petrifiedly.

"Mom, reason with me please. Being in Nigeria is like seeing a diamond in the lion's hut. So it's better for me to eschew myself from her, being away isn't helping with her thoughts, but it feels more better like this," he droned, a pleading tone laced on his voice.

"What of me? Your father? Kassim? Don't you want to see us? Won't you miss us? Your stay there was equivocal to you too, for you didn't know how long it would take. " she whimpered.

"You all can visit me, we can face time, and I'm hearing your voice right now, there is nothing technology haven't solved," he extempored, extenuatingly.

"I don't take those words, you just have to come back, and that's final! Don't even say no," she declared, suddenly getting annoyed. Who's this girls that has overcome his mental senses? The adyan she knew would never do that to her,  he would never wish for a long distance from her. Love! Has become an annoying word to her in Adyan's problems.

"Mom, please don't do this to me, I'll be back soon or later, do inform Dad wisely please. I'll tell Kassim," he beseeched, making his best puppy face with pouted lips. 

"When did you bacame a coward? When did your neurosis started taking over your courage? C'mon, bring back that courageous Adyan I knew, you can fight for her love, and I'm sure she would love you back, even more.

Just come back and face your problem, stucking there like a coward won't make a process. Please, Adyan, for your sorella mia's sake," she croaked, her heart is detrimenting, seeing him like that wasn't what she wanted, but it has already been written, she couldn't change his destiny.

"Mom, please do...," he was cut off with Dad's weak voice; he was probably sick, from how his voice sounded.

"You should come back, Adyan. What was our promise? And who's this girl?" His weak voice blurted.

He became petrified, is he sick? Ya Allah! "Dad, what happened to you? Are you sick? You sounded vulnerable," Adyan inquired sympathetically.

"You can ask amy question when you come back, all I know is; you have to come back in two months time," Dad ordered with tone of finality in his voice.

"But I don't want to come back, I want to eschew myself from her, I want to be away from her, far away," he whimpered the last words with a heavy heart, as they ended the call.

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