February 14

A short piece by Ola_Olowo
Love they say is like rubber band held at both ends by two people. When one releases it, it hurts the other. This was a case of Uncle Jimi, one of the big brothers I had in the neighborhood back in Agege. Preye and I do go to his room to watch teletubies, silver hawk, Scooby doo and the likes. But there is this sister that did come to visit him then . Whenever this sister visited irresistibly, Uncle Jimi would send us out. It was after, I realized she was Uncle Jimi’s girlfriend, Mosunmola who was reckoned with as an epitome of beauty, however no wonder Uncle Jimi did whistle and dance to Style Plus’ “Olufunmi” song whenever he was preoccupied in the kitchen.
As the dictum goes, Love is Foolish, isn’t it? I was young, naïve and never knew what love truly means but from Ramsey Noah & Genevieve Nnaji’s movie, I got to know something like an emotional attachment to someone do exist.
February 14 2006! I just came back from school and as usual, Preye and I went to Uncle Jimi’s room to get our afternoon tonic. I could see he was exhilarated and getting dressed to go out. Its Valentine day he said to us. He left us to watch our cartoon then he went out.
Two hours later, Uncle J. came back looking gloomy. He looks like he had been crying along the way. He continued crying on his bed and I couldn’t help but to walk up to him.
Uncle J, what’s wrong? I inquired
He still continued crying. While sobbing, he said, “I left here some hours ago to take Mosunmola out for Valentine. It was a surprise so I didn’t tell her about it before. Getting to her place, I caught her with another guy on her bed. He said soberly and bursted into another round of tears again.
I couldn’t understand what he really said but I knew what happened to him was so hard to bear.
Its okay Uncle J. was all I could say. After crying for minutes, he stood up and was about to put off his shoes when he fell. We ran to where he was and we could see he was grinning in pains and holding a part of his chest whispering Mosun! Mosun!! Until he passed out.
With the aid of other neighbors who came around, we rushed him to Rekki hospital.
Two days later, Uncle J died of Cardiac arrest. There is an adage in Yoruba that says, “A man who dies because of a girl, ten thousand of girls will walk pass his grave”
If you get heartbroken this day, kindly take it in good fate. A word, the elders do say is enough for the wise who cares to put it to a good use.
Ghandi_Therapy to such a good fate: In all your dealings, practice emotional control. Affections often embarked upon by obsession are ill-productive rather, it leaves you stranded after the drunkenness of such experience must have lost hold on you.
Do everything in moderacy but not in the fantasy that there isn’t any obstacle, no matter how little will get in the seemingly hitch free journey of your relationships. Love is love only when you are emotionally fit to withstand all that comes with it. Everything is risky.
Hence, relationship isn’t compulsory.

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