Children's day

Hey Messi. I called my 4year old son
Yes Dad. Messi replied from the couch. He was sitting watching his favourite cartoon.
Please go tell your mum and Mercy to be quiet. I wonder what is keeping them waiting all morning.
OK daddy. Messi said. And I watched how my little boy ran up the stairs to call his twin sister and his mum.
Few months after my wedding with the Queen that turned my life around,Kim, God blessed us with what I've ever wanted, A TWIN, a boy and a girl and just as planned, I named the boy Messi and the girl, Mercy. Weird right?
Honey,we are set! Kim said then I lifted up my eyes away from my tab and I saw my Queen descending from the stairs.
Blessed is the day I met you Kim . I said
Blessed is the day you came into my life darling. Kim said while she gave me one of those customary hugs we do share in our home.
I love you so much Kim. I said.
I love you wholeheartedly Ife mi. Kim replied
Uhhh..uhmmmm...uhmmmm..I heard my two cute twinney coughing
Hey Dad, we are getting late for the movies. Messi said
But Mum,why don't you just let us come back from the movies before showing love to each other? Mercy said too while facing her mum
Alright kids. Let's go. Mercy held my hands as we both walked together while Messi tagged along with his mum too behind us.
After some 30mins drive away from home,we finally got down and found our way into the movies at Houston. Two hours later, we were done with the movies and I took them down to the restaurant to have dinner together.
You are the best thing that had ever happened to me Ola. Kim said while holding my two hands which was on the table while the kids was busy munching their chickens.
We were on the verge of locking ourselves together in a passionate kiss when I felt someone tapping me from the back.
Oh Messi! Leave me alone. I mumbled as I still moved my lips forward to meet that of Kim when I heard 
Ola, Ola  , you no go go church abi? My brother tapped me while wearing his well starched Atiku

So it was all a dream? 
Happy children's day to me and all to the children out there!
Dear future wife, please where are you?
Happy Children's day!

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