Chasing Annabelle (the Panorama Puppeteer)

Chasing Annabelle (the panorama puppeteer) is an expository, behind the scenes, snippet of THE PANORAMA PUPPETEER; which is a much larger story built around two main characters, Honor(Jide) and Somtoo, while this one focuses on the first practical training Somtoo underwent under Jide's guidance in the act of Panorama puppeteering.

The training revolved around manipulating statistical data in an almost inhumane way to force Annabelle, his dream girl, to fall for him without choice; to attempt to prove for the first time that Honor is not just a god, but also a god maker.


Written by Benjamin Paul, with the support of the FWC family to whom this story is dedicated.


This work is copyrighted. © All rights reserved.

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