April 6

Birthdays happen to be that very day we’re meant to be happy, excited for seeing another year but it happens to be a day that brings pains, anguish and a day I felt so heartbroken.
April 6 2005… A day…
Flash back…
Uncle Bruce was one of my favorite relation I like so much. He buys me things beyond my wants and I felt it was out of sheer love from an Uncle to a teenage girl but I was wrong . This love was so much that Uncle Bruce forcefully offered to pay my school fees even though my father was capable of doing that. All this continued to happen until one day when Uncle Bruce came to take me over to his place to spend my holiday. I cried to my parents that I don’t want to follow him but all my please fell on their deaf ears. On that day, I got to his house, dropped my bag while he showed me my room. Uncle Bruce works with the Nigeria Electrical Power Authority (NEPA) as of that time. Every day, I follow him to his place of work and he buys me lots of things.
Then one day at night, he came to my room to wake me over to the sitting room to watch television. I felt reluctant at first but I still managed to drag myself to the sitting room. I sat down on one of the couch then suddenly he came close to me and he started caressing my body. I told him to stop but he refused to. I tried standing up so I could run into my room but to my surprise, he pushed me down the couch and started kissing me. I tried to stand up but he was stronger than me. I shouted for help but no one came to my aid. I remembered my mum once told me to always put on a short before tying a wrapper on it but on this night, my shorts couldn’t save me. He dipped his hands into my private part and forced himself on me. I was devastated. Uncle Bruce! Uncle Bruce! I cried…And this happened on the night of my birthday.
The next morning, he took me to work even with my swelled eyes. Everyone keep asking me what is wrong with me but I was scared to relay what happened the previous night to anyone. He had warned me earlier in the day never to relay what happened to anyone. Later in the day, Uncle Bruce took me to Wuse market and he bought everything I was going to need in school but he still keep on telling me not to disclose what happened to my parents or any other person.
That night keeps haunting me. Ever since then I don’t celebrate my birthday when 6th of April comes around.
Lets stop child abuse. Lets stop molesting teenage girls.
Understand: The life of a man(and woman) begins to end the very day he/she keeps quiet on things that matter.Most victims of perversion drown in the sea of depression and seemingly endless grief for the sake of their fear of being stigmatised by the society to summon courage and give an oratory presentation of their ordeals to the public in an organised manner,many other victimised women are like Malala who wouldn’t hesitate to establish a girl child campaign and movements.Unknowing to them,they would be doing theirselves less of harm than good in a way that would regenerate their senses of self-esteem and secure the lives of others who may have been trailing such a path as you did.
S-x education should as well be encouraged in both our educational settings and homes in order to curtail and up the guard of our children from the ravagong child molestation in the society.

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