A spear to the heart

This short piece is dedicated to all CHEATS all around the world, remember “THE LAW OF KARMA”
It all started from the very day o set my eyes on her. She was introduced to me by my friend, Bill. They were actually friends for some few months before Bill travelled abroad to pursue his master’s degree. I was the quite type and a very reserved person but one thing I discovered to be my weak point is being emotional.
Anita was an epitome of beauty, a lady I can categorize as the woman of my dream . A year after Bill left, Anita and I started dating. I loved her with all my heart. I loved like I had never loved before, sacrificing a whole lot during the period we were together. What I forget to know is that no matter how you wash a pig clean, it will always go back to eat its Shtt. Is it not woman? The WOE-IN-A-MAN? Shout out to all the hardworking and loving guys out there. It has been from the beginning that woman would always be our downfall. “If” you love them too much. “If” only father “Adam” had refused to eat the apple, women would have suffered alone! Woe-in-a-man!
3 years later, I proposed to her like someone who just found love for the first time in his life. 6 months to our wedding, Bill got back from the states. He was happy for me, finally “the shy guy would be getting married to a familiar foe”. That what is word but I never read meaning to it not until it all happened. Some weeks to our wedding, I noticed Anita was keeping late night all in the excuse of our wedding preparation. I never got too worried but when it was getting much, I devised a plan.
Fast forward to the wedding day
Weddings they say is the happiest moment of one’s life but the reverse was the case for me. Anny was beaming with smiles while my bestie was looking cool and handsome as ever. The beautiful hall of Shapun hotel was filled to the brim, they are all here to witness the joining together of the latest couple in town. Then the moment came….I requested from the M.C that I wanted to have the Mic so speak to everyone present on my wedding day. My wedding! “”I thank everyone who is here today to celebrate this wonderful day with me and my new bride Anny””. I looked back to see her beautiful face again and said, “I love you Anny. She was blushing and beaming with smiles while all the invited guests in the hall clapped their hands. Am I being romantic? Then I continued, “”For each and every one present here today, I have a present for you all. Everyone clapped again. Then my face changed and I continued, “On every table in this hall is a gift rapped inside an envelope underneath. Check it right now. I turned to my lovely wife and my best friend to do the same too. She was surprised. So she had a gift too? I know you might be wondering what the gift is, isn’t it?
I got a private investigator to watch my wife-to-be’s movement for me and I was shocked when I got the report that she had been seeing my best friend, Bill. I didn’t believe until he showed me the picture. I was heartbroken. Here I have with me is a picture of my best friend and my wife-to-be in the next two weeks pants down. What other way could I revenge? I thought about this for some days before I decided on what to do.
I made over 2000 copies of that picture and ensured it was pasted under the table in the hall. Anny fainted, Bill was sweating. Everyone in the hall shouted, “Haaaaaa” I dropped the Mic and walked out. If you were in my shoes, what will you do?

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  • Blessing Emmanuel picture
    Blessing Emmanuel
    Awwwn, not all are cheats .woe - in a -man.,too harsh na
  • Favour Abhatue picture
    Favour Abhatue
    That was rather too hash, u would ve walked away from her quietly instead of disgracing her DAT way
  • Daniel Nwafor picture
    Daniel Nwafor
    Bruh, you should have walked away quietly and not openly embarrass her. Until people start to believe that no one is perfect, there would be no peace.
  • Omosalewa picture
    Bravo! brother I love uuuu.to hell with all cheats
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