A Girl Called Fib And The Axe Of Fury - Episode 27

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So many thoughts accelerated inside my head. I tried desperately to stop them, or slow them down at least so I could breathe, but the thoughts wouldn't stop. My breathing came in gasps as if I would pass out any moment. 

My heart hammered as the room spun, making me squat on the floor, trying to make everything slow down to something my brain and body could cope with. Aaron was planning something bigger than what I could imagine and now Lillian who I'd always suspected as my grandmother was dead. 

"I think she has been dead for some weeks now," Amara broke the silence . "Someone killed her, stole her appearance and kept her remains fresh with a spell. That is the reason she is not decaying yet. If whoever stole her appearance does not keep Lillian's body fresh, he or she will start to change gradually to their original self. It is an atuná¹£e spell... a replenishing spell."

"Replenishing spell?" I asked. "My mother needs to know."

"You can not tell her --"

"But I need to," I interrupted her. "I'm certain my grandmother is the one who stole her appearance... I should tell her."

"If you do, it will cost you a lot of things," Amara said. "You are not even close to helping Aaron

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. If your mother finds out, it will stop our plans to protect him."

I bit my lower lip, thinking about what options I had, but a sudden sick feeling rose in my gut. I ran out of the dark room and threw up at the corridor. As soon as I spilled bits of food in my tummy, I returned to find Amara examining the body. When she felt my presence, she stood up with an unreadable expression plastered on her face.

"I need this body for some time," she said, her eyes studying me.

"What is there to study again?" I snapped. "Isn't it obvious? That's my GRANDMOTHER!"

"You can not be too sure --"

"I'm sure!!!"

"Fibikemi, I know you are afraid and you have every reason to be... but this is bigger than what I thought. We can not dispose this body until I examine it. I can extract some things from the body to find out the identity of the person who stole her appearance...or their hide out."

Another wave of nausea hit me as she mentioned disposing the body, but instead of throwing up, I swallowed hard and sneered at her. A sudden desire to stay away from the body and Amara enveloped me.

"I can't deal," I shook my head then backed out of the dark room. Not concerned about where I'm heading or what to do next. It was exhausting. Everything; the dog, Lillian, Aaron, my grandmother, every single thing. 

I whipped out my phone and switched on the flash light, and made my way out of the corridor then into the living room. Before reaching the front door, Amara appeared in front of me, and my insides churned with more anger.

Why won't she leave me?

"Leave me out of this," my voice shook with so much venom.

Why was I angry? Not sure. Maybe I was angry at myself for everything that happened. If I listened to my mother and stayed out of Aaron's business, there would be no reason to use my powers, there wouldn't have been a way for my grandmother to track me. I should be mad at myself not Amara who's helping. I stopped mid way then looked at her.

"I'm too weak for all these," I said in a shaky voice, trying to keep myself from crying. "I-I thought I was strong but I'm not."

"I will help you," Amara said in a very calm voice. "Let me do my job. Let me protect you."

I nodded and glanced towards the corridor. 

"What about the body?" I asked.

"I will take care of it."

Amara replied and a wave of assurance washed over me. Soon as we stepped out of Lillian's apartment, something vibrated in my palm. I looked at it only to realise Lillian's phone was still with me. A new message from Ronald entered.

I'm coming over to your apartment tomorrow. I love you.

Sighing, I looked at the stars that spread over the night sky as I thought about Ronald. What could he be feeling deep down? How would he take it, if he found out Lillian's dead? He was coming to her apartment the next day and he would surely see his girlfriend laying dead on the floor. 

I stopped in my tracks then looked at Amara. "When exactly are you moving the body?'

"I will take care of it--"

"We need to move it NOW! Lillian's boyfriend is coming tomorrow."

"How do you know?"

"Because I have her phone with me," I said as I flashed the phone in her face.

Amara didn't wait for me to say anything further, she spun around and returned into the house.


Later that night at around 9pm, I laid on my bed and scrolled through Lillian's phone as the cold night seeped through the windows. As much as I wanted to believe Amara will protect me, couldn't help the weird sensation which ran over my body each time I thought about Lillian. 

Ten minutes earlier, I crept on my bed after we took Lillian's body to the uncompleted building where Amara taught me how to use my powers. Although, Amara promised to find out if my grandmother killed Lillian. For me, I was convinced she did it. 

"So you think no one would find the body there? Someone might see it," I propped myself up with my elbow, looking directly at Amara who sat next to my dresser.

"No one will see it," Amara replied.

Feeling a little too tired to argue, I yawned and pulled my blanket over my head. But before closing my eyes, my phone vibrated under my pillow. I picked it up to see a message from Aaron.

I know you hate me but give me a chance to explain myself. I'm outside.

I jumped out of bed and headed straight to my window. Outside the gate, Aaron looked around with his hands in his pocket. My heart raced at the thought of my mother. She'd rip me apart, not only because she considered him as a condemned soul, but because a guy was visiting me by this time of the day.

"Where are you going?" Amara asked.

"Downstairs," I answered. "Aaron's downstairs."

As I pulled the wardrobe door to search for a sweater, something hit my window. More like the sound of a small stone hitting a window. My hand froze and I turned around. Next to the window, a bird stood there, chirping repeatedly. It ruffled its purple feathers and glared at me. It was that same bird which attacked Leinad back at the mall. I'd recognise its beautiful, glistening feathers anywhere. I opened my mouth and then looked at Amara.

"I told you it will find you," Amara said.

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    Wow the bird finally found you. Let's see what Aaron has to say, Nice one writer
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