A Girl Called Fib And The Axe Of Fury - Episode 17

A Girl Called Fib & The Axe Of Fury

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Secondary school Is a zone for gossip, I concluded as Mo and I walked through the halls of St. Martha secondary school.

Just few hours ago, as Mr. Richard the school proprietor, announced the starting date of our exams(which was April), our graduation dinner party and valedictory service (which was coming up a week after our finals), some girls blabbed on and on about Makinde dumping Tokunbo. At first, I didn't believe the crazy gossip but when I saw the jokes some of my classmates made about her on Facebook, I couldn't help but wonder how he broke up with her . Did he dump her through a text? Was it a face to face thing.

As we pushed through the crowded hallway, students stood in clusters like they were in a market. Their voices buzzed ceaselessly as they laughed and talked in hushed voices, most likely talking about the latest gist about Makinde and Tokunbo's break up. 

It was funny I had been away for just a day and such a big thing happened. Throughout the assembly, I kept scanning the whole place for her but she was no where to be found. I assumed the break up must have really hit her hard, especially when one of her minions, Chima was the reason Makinde broke up with her.

"Karma got her," Mo pointed ahead to no one in particular. "She stole your boyfriend from you."

Inhaling the peachy smell within the halls, I glanced over at Mo and grunted

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. "For the love of God, Makinde is not an object, he's a person and he fell for Tokunbo... then dumped him... end of discussion."

"Yea yea," Mo said, rolling her eyes. "But she shouldn't be pitied."

"OK," I said, totally tired of Mo's continuous argument about her been a bitch and reasons she deserved what she got.

As much as it felt right to be happy the table turned around and she was going through the same thing I went through when the idiot told me he was done, I still felt bad for her and every other girl who would fall victim of Makinde's antics in future.

It was pathetic he dated girls then threw them away like a piece of crumpled paper when he was tired of being with them.Yes, Tokunbo was an annoying idiot, who wouldn't stop throwing shades at me but she was human. One with emotions.

"I can't wait to laugh at her face," Mo said making me groan without saying a thing. 

Of all things I should focus on, Tokunbo's break up was the least of my problems; I needed to get my hands on Aaron's phone, I had an evil grandmother lurking around waiting to strike and if Amara was right about Lillian, then I would be be getting myself into a mess  which wouldn't be easy to solve. 

All signs pointed to Lillian anyway, it was even weird she happened to end up just around the uncompleted building where Amara trained me.

As soon as we turned a right corner down the black and white tiled hallway and towards the first floor, I spotted Makinde among the bunch of assholes he called friends and  couldn't help but feel a swell of anger burst through my head. Beside me, Mo coughed as she grumbled 'jerk'. 

I narrowed my eyes into slits as I breathed deeply. The strong urge to walk up to scream in his face enveloped me. 

As he laughed and patted one of his friends on the shoulder, his eyes met mine and the laughter evaporated from his face. The customary bad boy smirk he had on his face, disappeared faster like a speed of light.

Makinde scratched the back of his head, said something to the group and all eyes snapped at me. For a split second, I was taken aback at how his eyes softened. It was as if there was something lurking behind his eyes. Maybe guilt? I couldn't tell but his gaze settled on me briefly before bouncing around the hallway.

The rest of the group reduced one after the other until he was left standing just a few metres away from us. I glanced at Mo who only shook her head. If stares could kill, Makinde would probably be dead by now with the hate in Mo's eyes.

"He's coming?" Mo said, her voice higher than usual. 

My head snapped back at Makinde and truly he was walking directly towards us. A sudden coldness hit my core making me want to storm off but still, I couldn't. My pace slowed down as we stopped right in front of our classroom.

"Let's keep walking," Mo wrapped her arm around my shoulder but before I could step into the class, Makinde called out my name.

"Fibikemi, please," his voice low and rough.

"Fib c'mon," Mo tried dragging me. "Don't talk to him."

"Mo you can go... I'll catch up..." 

Slowly, Mo removed her arm around me as she glared at Makinde then walked into the classroom.

I looked at my feet, the confidence brewing in me earlier had now slipped away. I wanted to tell him how evil he was for breaking people's heart but I couldn't utter a word because the break up text he sent me weeks ago, flashed through my mind.

I can't be with you anymore. The message had read, very precise and straightforward.

"Can we talk somewhere more private?" he asked, making me look up at him. I studied his square shaped face as his brows slumped.

"You... can say whatever you want here," I said, looking around the halls and into the classroom. "I'm not going anywhere with you." 

My voice rose more than I intended.

"I-I," Makinde swallowed. "I'm sorry about everything--"

"Why?" my voice shook. "You don't have to be sorry. Its fun isn't it? You date a girl then dump her? Seriously, Makinde why are you sorry? And- if you were so sorry, why hop onto Chima? Uhn? That was Tokunbo's freaking best friend!!!"

Makinde flinched, while I deeply exhaled and looked around. Thankfully, people weren't paying attention, except for Eric, Makinde's friend and his clique who looked at me from the classroom.

When I finally glanced back at him, Tokunbo approached behind him with a arm wrapped around her stomach and the other tightly gripping the strap of her backpack.

My stomach sunk on seeing her swollen red rimmed eyes. One could tell she had been crying, her fawn skin colour had turned two shades paler. 

"It was a one time thing with China. She thinks it's something serious but it's not... for me..."

"Did you think about Peter when you were doing your one time thing with Chima? Peter is her boyfriend and one of your airhead friends for Christ's sake. I'm glad I didn't let you touch me!" I hissed and quickly raised my palm to stop him from talking further. "Save it for your ex girlfriend." 

I raised my chin over his shoulder, making him look back to see Tokunbo. Without waiting for any other thing he had to say, I spun around and made my way into the class. 

I expected the classroom would be in a huge chaos, especially when the teachers were in a meeting with the proprietor.

Instead, a few murmured, Makinde's clique of troublesome friends sat at the front corner of the classroom with their uniform jackets tied around their waists, while the rest of the class had their faces glued to their textbooks and notebooks, reminding me my final exams was about one month and some weeks away.

It was crazy I had not once opened my book to read since I knew exams were nearing. The proprietor didn't need to announce it anyway, the constant tests meant exams was close. Instead of reading, I ran around with spell books to save Aaron and protect myself from my evil grandmother. My only reliability was the fact that I assimilated things quickly.

I looked around the classroom until my eyes stopped on Mo, who typed into her phone. I walked towards her, inhaling soft, nice and choking scent  from people's deodorant.

The watery rays of morning sunlight which gleamed through the windows made the classroom warm from the harmattan chill outside. 

Upon seeing me, Mo shoved her phone into her backpack then looked at me with furrowed brows. 

"What did he have to say?" Mo asked. "Does he want you back?"

"No," I answered with a flat voice. "Can... can we talk about something else?"

I felt a stab of pain in my heart. It was equivalent to the pain I felt when my arms were stitched after that car crash which involved my whole family, only this was an emotional pain. I thought I got over Makinde after the break up but seeing him hurt another girl opened up fresh wounds.

"So... what's new with Aaron?" Mo interrupted my thoughts and I kinda felt grateful. "You still stealing his phone ?"

"We're on the same spot," I sighed. "I haven't seen him since yesterday, and when we last spoke he sounded off. Mo... I'm worried I won't be able to figure out this whole issue, especially now that the valedictory service has been announced... my vision showed he would die that day... time is ticking. And for the phone... I'll get my chance."

"Don't worry," Mo touched my hand reassuringly. "We have Amara to help, even if she is a walking time bomb." Mo said the last part as she shuddered dramatically.

I couldn't help but chuckle, she was good at lifting one's spirits .

"Speaking of Amara, would you believe she glowed when Lillian came around my house yesterday?"


"Yea... the new girl in my street... the one whose dog almost gave you a heart attack..."

"Oh! That one?" Mo hung her mouth open.

I nodded and as I told her about Amara's suspicions about Lillian  her eyebrows lifted and fell intermittently.

"If all these are happening that means... there might be  enemies... evil lurking around or more people are in danger , Fib... remember the tattoo thing lighted up when Aaron and his friend came over too."

I nodded.

"You need to be careful, Fib," Mo's voice softened. 

"I know," I sighed then looked up to see Prisca walk in with her head bowed down, behind her was Aaron wearing a black hooded sweater.

My tummy fluttered as I watched him pull off the hood, revealing his sharp jaw and an undercut ginger hair. I coughed then glanced over at Mo who smiled.

"Your boyfriend is here," she whispered, making me chuckle.

I stood up with shaky legs and approached him. 

"Don't forget his phone!" she called and I nodded.

As soon as I stopped right in front of him, I placed my palm on his desk and smiled.

Aaron clenched his jaw, sighed deeply then looked up at me. I flinched as our eyes met, making me glance back at Mo who smiled and gave me a thumbs up.

"Are you alright?" I asked, returning my attention back to Aaron. His blood shot eyes glistened with moisture like he was about to cry.

"What do you want?" his tone was sharp.

"I-I saw you walk in... thought I should say hi."

Aaron scratched his head then heaved heavily like he was trying hard not to be angry. He clenched his fist on the table.


"So... what's up?" I asked.

Aaron threw his head backwards as he shut his eyes. "Please, Fibikemi, leave me alone!"

I could've sworn my heart almost flew out of my mouth as he snapped at me. I wanted to look around to see if anyone heard him yell at me but I couldn't.

Instead, I watched him as my heart slammed against my chest violently. He rubbed his palm over his face, mumbling some profanities.

I took a few steps backwards, looked down at my suede black shoes and walked out of the classroom, without any destination in my mind. My brain kept rewinding the hurt in his eyes when he snapped at me.

Does he hate me now? Did I do something?

Tears threatened to spill out but I swallowed the sob as I chanted in my head. Don't cry because of a guy.

As soon as I stepped onto the stairs that led to the ground floor, a pair of feet came thumping down the cement stairs making me look back to see Aaron jogging towards me.

I didn't stop walking because for all I knew, he might be heading elsewhere. But he was quick to interrupt my thoughts as he held me by the elbow.

"Fibikemi... sorry... I-I," Aaron clenched his jaw again as his eyes bore into mine. "I'm sorry about-"

"About what exactly?" I sniffed, stopping midway leaning against the wall. "You told me to let you be, Aaron."

He clenched his jaw again as he pinched the bridge of his nose making me tilt my head and close the distance between us. I had seen him exhibit different moods but never have I watched him try so hard to control tears which were right there in his eyes, on the brink of falling. 

What is wrong?

I thought, feeling that strong urge to wrap him in a hug and tell him everything would be okay. But how was I supposed to reassure him when he wouldn't even tell me anything.

He took in deep breaths and exhaled loudly. I glanced around, noticing the hall was now empty except for us. 

"I'm sorry... didn't mean to snap at you... sorry babe," Aaron closed the gap between us as he inched his face closer to mine, fanning my cheeks with his breath which smelt like mint. 
I swallowed hard, another fluttering hit my stomach as I replayed his word babe in my head. He called me babe.

"There's a lot you won't get," he said and I couldn't help but wonder if this was it. Would he kiss me on the lips or on the cheek? Tease me like before and make my stomach take a full blown somersault? My brain started taking a mental note of my surrounding, if any teacher saw us then we were as good as dead. No school authority took student romance lightly. 

I was still in the middle of my thoughts when he gave me a quick kiss on the lips but before I could even dance shoki in my head, Aaron rested his forehead on mine and removed my glasses.

In a speed of light, my eyes whirled as I watched a young boy who couldn't be more than six, run around the front of a pearl painted mansion. His hair was ginger and his skin, a golden sand colour blended well with his hair. As he ran towards the backyard, his palms were clenched and when he reached another young boy who with a striking resemblance with him, (only his hair was completely brown) the ginger hair boy opened his palm to show the other boy something. Another spin hit me and I watched the same boy crying as a tall, skinny boy dragged him into a room. I reached out but my hands passed through a thin air as the door slammed shut.

Before I could make out why the little boy cried, I saw Aaron (he couldn't be more than thirteen) shook as tears ran down his cheeks, the last thing I heard before everything turned white was 'hurt'. 

"Fibikemi," I felt arms wrap around me as I swayed backwards. "Are you okay?"

I shut my eyes then reopened them and came inches from Aaron's face. He glanced behind him then looked back at me again.

"What did you do to her?" I heard Mo's voice from a distance but I just watched Aaron as my head pounded.

"Nothing!" his voice shook as he yelled.

"Her nose is bleeding!" Mo shouted again and I felt her wrap her hands around my waist. Moisture rolled out of my nose and it was until it hit the ground, I confirmed it was blood.

"Let's get her to the sick bay."

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