A day at the beach

This might be scary and unbelievable but it happened real. I remembered during my secondary school days when we talk about mammy water like a child’s play but I never knew it was real.
I am Dafe from Delta State, Isoko north local government. One of the favorite thing I love doing is to swim and this almost made me lose my roommate when we had one of the adventurous moments of our lives during our Nysc in lagos when we went to the beach.
Ovoko, how we go take spend this allowee na? I asked my friend Samson who was lying on the bed with his phone in his hands.
Dafe, I never know how we go do am o. Ovoko said droppig his phone.
Baba, abi make we reason Bar Beach? I asked him
Beach go better o . It’s been 4 months since we don dey serve for Lagos kwa. Make we go this Saturday.
Slowly but surely, Saturday came and we got to Elegushi beach after a two hours trip from Iyana Ipaja where we stayed. We were welcomed by the cool weather emanating from the ocean and I can’t but bow down to admire God’s massive creation. Samson and I kept walking towards the beach and we could see so many people enjoying their selves in the Suya Joints and the numerous restaurants by the side of the beach.
Dafe, he dey do me like say make I swim with those s-xy girls over there o. Ovoko said.
Mumu, you think say na all those river wey dey Isoko be this abi?
Guy forget am. You sef no say I sabi swim na. Make I teach this girls say Warri no dey carry last.
Guy be careful o. Make we just enjoy ourselves make we waka.
Dafe, na part of the enjoyment be this.
Ovoko opened our bag and started changing his clothes. From where I sat I could see Ovoko enjoying himself with the half cast girls on bikini by the side of the beach who were also enjoying the way Ovoko was displaying his swimming skills in the water.
Some minutes later, I got up so I could take some pictures. 
Dafe, come baff na! Ovoko shouted at me. I walked towards him and I started taking some pictures.
Ovoko did some back flip inside the water and the girls couldn’t hold their amazement anymore ad they started clapping while some other people by the side of the beach watching him joined them too.
Na over skill na him dey say they kill monkey, No be so?
Some minutes later, while I was busy taking pictures, I realized Ovoko was nowhere to be found. I still remained calm thinking it was one of his stunts so he could impress the girls but unfortunately it wasn’t.
Ovo! I shouted! I couldn’t get any response. Ovoko! When I couldn’t get any response, then I became scared. I called the beech securities and they came.
He was swimming over there. I pointed towards the water. Am sure Ovoko might have swam beyond the point he ought to have.
Please help me to find him. He is my friend. We came together. We are Corpers! I began to sob slowly. We waited for more than an hour hoping the wavering of the waters will bring my friend back to the shore either dead or alive but we still couldn’t see the sign of him. All those girls clapping for him had long gone!
To cut the long story short, at around 6.35pm, we saw a body being carried by the water. Na him! Na him be that! I screamed and we rushed towards him. When we got to him, Ovoko was moving like a fish being thrown on the ground. He was whipping and shaking his legs like it was a tail. We watched this little drama with amazement for like 40 minutes before he slowly opened his eyes and he said.
Wetin happen?
Your father! I screamed
Things for thought
Let’s all be careful. Whenever we go to the beach. You might not believe in marine powers or mammy water but believe me, there are some forces underneath the water which we can’t see with our bare eyes. Let’s be watchful and careful. You might be asking what the aftermath of Ovoko was. Well, he said he never knew all what was happening for all through the hours he went missing, since then, we all call him Okpiyen (Fisherman).

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