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Election 2019; What are they promising us this time?

Election has a way of leaving that frenzied air that blows and reignites its passion on masses. Nigerian election is that one that still amuses the deaf and blind. It's more like a comedy skit. A jolly ride to funny retorts and other spurious things. Whenever I hear Nigerian politics, lot of wanton promises fill my head. It's still that recycled promise; nothing more. Just mere braggadocios of who will make the best campaign promise. With my hands akimbo and lost in thoughts, I'm filled with myriad of mind boggling questions and one stands out, "What are they promising us?" "Musa, Emeka and Femi, what are they promising us?" I shudder at this question. "What have they come with again? their vainglorious promises and.......what? It's always been recycled election promises. No twist, just a bit of something more to make it spicy in order to attract more interests. All the parties in their coven, will try to outdo their counterparts in making unfulfilled promises. Can we, the citizens ever learn? Our Nigerian politicians are such smooth talkers. They talk their way with sweet nothing into the office while we the gullible masses fall for their trickery. They will give flirts a run for their money. 2019 election is around the corner and all the parties have flaunted who would be their flag bearers. To us, it is an ease to a bad administration seated at the Aso Rock but to them, it's still the empty promises to get to the Aso Rock presidential seats. In other words, it's about who will smoothen us with words and make us vote for him or her. Their campaign promises are usually superfluous and predictable which makes me wonder if we are blind to their bogus claims; mere nursery school rhymes. A ten year old or younger, smart child will see through the empty promises they always spurt. Which makes me think we are only hypnotized by the effect of the parties involved not what they have to offer. Like a gullible child, we swallow their words hook line and sinker without filtering it. To us, any promise is real and apt if it's PDP or APC that is involved. I ask, what's this? Why this? Garbage in and out. When are we going to abandon sentiments out of politics and decide our future painstakingly? "I will feed primary school students everyday." This is one of the things we are promised. Yes, it's feasible, but when this is made with other superfluous promises, I begin to wonder how it would be achieved. It's just to satisfy their campaign cravings, and nothing more. A third world nation like Nigeria needs the grassroots economy to be dealt with and not coming from the up perspective to address the down problems. Nothing works from skyrocketing ahead in chasing what's not so. A house will stand the test of time if the foundation was well taken care off before all other things are put in place. Buhari swindled us with empty promises and at the end of the day, we went back to our usual square one. A place where we weren't before he took over. We need a leader who has a vision and not the one with a sweet tongue to buy our civic rights. The one with a helluva PR to deceive us, then walk in and still leave the nation in abjection. Action speaks louder than words.. That doesn't mean we shouldn't have a leader that speaks. Everything starts from a well laid out plans before manifesting from actions which we would all benefit from. I'm here, wondering what they will use to entice us this time around. Twenty four hours power supply? Good roads? Infrastructures? To me, these are basic amenities a nation should have and not what we should be lured with. There are better problems like insecurities, civic unrests and excessive looting from government which should be addressed. All these are problems which developed nations also experience and it should be addressed more. ......And our foreign exchange rates isn't something to write home about. A leader who would be elected should make it his top priority to address all of these. We know Rome wasn't built in a day but elements of what we think is building should also be in place while we build each day before something tangible will be achieved. Campaign promises shouldn't end on the podium, front pages of newspapers, social media pages and the rest but actions should be taken. Campaign promises will come and go but action remains. As a citizen, we should take out time to make the decision which will keep us for days because that's what determines our future for the next four years of whomever is elected to be seated at the Aso Rock. What are they promising us again? Time will tell.
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